There really is nothing like travel to screw up your mental clock, is there?

Between this being a short week, going on a whirlwind trip to The USA myself, and keeping tabs on Lindsay’s trip to England, I wake up this morning and cannot believe it’s already Friday. I mean seriously, wasn’t I linking to other people’s posts just two days ago?

Well if it’s the weekend, then bring it on. I don’t know about yours, but podcasting will once again be front & centre for me as I sit down to record Matineecast 93. That one will take place back on my balcony – which reminds me, do listeners have any thoughts on the audio from my balcony (you’d hear it in episodes 85, 87, and 91).

Once that’s done, I have a bit of catching up to do. Once upon a time, I looked at August as a cinematic wasteland, but not anymore gang. I could easily go see something new every day between now and next Friday and come away with good things every time. It actually makes me sad for anyone who doesn’t have these sorts of options available to them.

Alright, let’s get this work day over with so I can get my ELYSIUM on.
For your listening and reading fulfilment, I give you…

I’m treading a line between insistence and belligerence that Brian and The Gang at Outside the Envelope will do an episode dedicated to THE CANYONS. Hearing that Brian likes it makes me all the more curious. For now, I guess I’ll have to make do with his episode about THE LONE RANGER (which is a great listen).

With the arrival of August, it’s clear that TIFF is on many people’s minds. Andrew Robinson is already trying to make sense of the static and earmarking films he’d like to catch. He’ll inevitably miss something.

While in Minneapolis, Andrew James and I managed to squeeze in a screening of 2 GUNS. It’s a film that I’m not sure I’ll take the time to review (which is not a condemnation of it), so I might as well point you towards someone else who has written about it. Fogs – you’re up!

Speaking of Andrew, he and I got into a long Twitter discussion about The Coen Brothers after he listened to Matineecast 92 (heard it yet?). He and I both believe that NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN is their masterpiece – I go one step further and call it one of the top five films of the century so far. Alex Withrow has a great post up about NO COUNTRY, and specifically a question about a moment in the late-going. Spoilers abound if you haven’t seen it, but do check out his amazing examination of “Where is Anton Chigurh?”

There’s a small film making the rounds that I’m hearing good things about. Unfortunately, the film is so low-profile that I fear it will get past me. The film is GIMME THE LOOT (Toronto people, any news on this), and Sam McCosh has an enthusiastic review of it up at An Online Universe.

I have a lot of opinions about the new trend of established artists turning to Kickstarter to fund their films. Spike Lee is the latest participant, and his attempt has been met with some scrutiny. Over at Silver Emulsion, Will has expressed his thoughts on the subject rather nicely.

I recently bought a copy of “Pictures at a Revolution” to read as part of my quest for greater film literacy. It’s a book that looks at 1967 and how it was something of a watershed year for cinema. One of the movies that’s featured heavily is BONNIE AND CLYDE, so I wager I’ll be giving that a rewatch in the coming weeks. Down at Journeys, it looks like Kristen rewatched it already!


For the Tweet of The Week, I look to Anna (who will be coming north this fall for TIFF!). Her blog recently celebrated its fourth birthday, and in a time when many blogs cannot last four months, that’s reason for celebration…