Perhaps the most difficult thing about my show having the format that it does, is that chemistry is a complete uncertainty. Since My format is built on bringing different people in every time, there are episodes where expected chemistry isn’t captured, episodes where chemistry is surprisingly strong, and episodes where chemistry is completely absent.

Then there are episodes like this one where chemistry is pretty much at its apex.

You see, dear listeners, I’ve known today’s guest for almost thirty-two years. What’s more, he and I have been discussing film of all sorts for over fifteen of those thirty-two years. So beyond knowing each-others tastes and proclivities well, we’ve also developed a rhythm that will probably never be matched on-mic in the future of this show.

I guess what I’m saying is that if my chemistry with my guest makes for the best episodes of this piddling little show, then y’all are in for one of the best episodes you’re ever likely to hear from this feed.


Here’s what’s in store in episode one-hundred-and-three…


75 minutes

Up for Discussion

1. Introduction
2. KNOW YOUR ENEMY– Q& A with this week’s guest Shane McNeil (2:37)
3. COME TALK TO ME – Fielding some listener feedback on anticipated 2014 films. (13:02)
4. THE NEW SLANG – Review and reaction to THE WOLF OF WALL STREET (23:23)
5. THE OTHER SIDE – Shane couples AMERICAN PSYCHO (48:39)
6. THE OTHER SIDE – Ryan couples CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (61:54)

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