I am always gracious when a guest gives up their time to rap with me on-mic about films they see. Really, there are no favorites. However, some recordings are a bit more special to me than others mostly due to circumstances, and today is one of those instances. You see, if you’d told me a few years ago when I first started interacting online with Sam McCosh and Andy Buckle that one day I’d be able to break bread with them in my hometown, I’d have said to stop teasing me.

However, this morning, I did indeed share crepes and coffee with that sweet couple as we reflected on the week that was.

In particular, I was quite happy to talk with them about the idea of cost-versus-reward for undertaking a holiday like this. There has been a lot of chatter in the run-up to TIFF about the economics of it all with many locals grumbling feeling priced-out or ripped off. It’s interesting to hear Sam and Andy’s thoughts on what they got for (a big chunk of) their hard-earned.


Here’s what’s in store in WLT Part Three…


Runtime: 31 minutes
Up for Discussion – THE COBBLER

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