Yesterday, my friend Jess looked over my list of TIFF selections and wondered how it was that I ran with some of the foreign selections that I did. It’s a fair question of course, since many of us don’t know what we’re getting into once we step out of our own front yard.

By and large, I tend to go with names I recognize…even if they aren’t english names. So when I see words like “Yimou” or “Hazanavicius”, I take the bait.

But then there are recommendations to consider, as was the case with the title featured below. Coming, as it does, from the southern hemisphere, it first played to my friends in New Zealand and Australia. So it was they who first said to me “Go watch this if you can”

It’s yet another reason why I’m so tickled that movie lovers worldwide are so connected. Once upon a time I might have flipped right past this…now it’s a selection I am deeply looking forward to!