Good morning everybody.

My name is Ryan, and for my first day here in seventh year, I’d like to tell you about what I learned on my summer vacation…

"What makes life precious is that it ends"

I learned that wonderful human stories can be interwoven into cape-and-cowl movies, but can tragically lose their impact when the hero is pulled in too many directions.

I just feel like all the sand is at the bottom of the hour glass

I learned that eternal life is not nearly as glamorous as it seems, and that some casting agents should have their name up in lights

In Your Eyes

I learned that even the best writers have some very messy early scripts in their desk drawers.

Night Moves

I learned that a great note of tension can come from something as simple as the headlights of a car that isn’t supposed to be there.


I learned that I shouldn’t be so quick to write-off child stars, since they might yet have it in them to grow into someone with a keen sense of humour.

Favreau & Leguizamo in CHEF

I learned that sometimes you can eat before the film, sometimes you can eat after, and sometimes you just. can’t win.

"It isn't the end of the world"

I learned that sometimes size does matter.

Lawrence as Mystique

I learned that believing the people behind the X-Men movies will ever know what to do with Storm is foolhardy.

How do you fight an enemy that knows the future?

I learned that big studios can do a really terrible job at selling some really wonderful movies.

Life doesn't give you bumpers

I learned that sometimes the best stories are the simplest ones.

I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm in kind of an emotional crisis right now.

I learned that there are still intelligent rom-com’s to be had, and that sometimes they can be the source of incredible introspection and honesty.


I learned that it’s okay for a children’s movie to frighten and sadden children, and that feelings of great joy and wonder can rise from the ashes of fear and sadness.

Frankie & Bob

I learned that I need to stop giving certain directors a blind pass.

Don't give up the faith. Don't give up the hope. The American dream is waiting for you now

I learned that we all came to North America from somewhere, and that our ancestors had to make some pretty tough decisions to give us – their descendants – a better chance in life.

"War has begun"

I learned no matter how many times you say “no guns”, someone will insist on bringing a gun…and that will cause a LOT of problems.

"Know your place. Accept your place."

I learned that the label “video game movie” is not always a dig.


I learned that there are things in life – like love and God – that have to be believed in because they cannot be proven or disproven. I also learned that a middling effort from certain artists is still better than a top-tier effort from other artists.


I learned that some artists are told “no” for a reason.

"Even good men have a little bit of bad in them"

I learned that we haven’t yet begun to understand how much we will miss certain talents, and that some truly incredible movies can be dumped with no fanfare into the middle of a busy summer.

"What a bunch of a-holes."

And I learned that there are few things better than a fun night at the movies.