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Turned into a busy few weeks, hence no diary entries. And as much as I enjoyed being “That Guy who Hates The Disney Blockbuster”, I’m ready to move on to more positive mindsets.



Looking back on the past three weeks though, one title that sticks out is handily BONE TOMAHAWK.

The title came up during the last Matineecast when Kurt Halfyard mentioned THE CLAIM (I got the two mixed-up). Mere moments after we finished recording, I remembered that BONE TOMAHAWK was on My Netflix List, so I queued it up.

Sweet Jesus…

It’s strange, because I watched this film in the same week as an old John Ford film, and the two feel like they have a few things in common. Ford also tended to make the natives the villains in his film…”savages”, didn’t you know?…but watching what takes place in BONE TOMAHAWK makes me think that some part of director Craig Zahler thinks that Ford wasn’t harsh enough in his portrayal of natives.

Seriously, gang, this is one of the more gruesome movies I’ve ever seen. Every bullet, every arrow, every blade is employed to the fullest extent. Its. Fullest. Extent.

While I believe that westerns have benefitted from depiction of true violence (young fans don’t grow up believing in bloodless violence quite as much), I can’t help but wonder what in the world the benefit is of watching a man get killed by being ripped apart?

Is there a void in the filmgoing landscape that can only be filled by such ruthlessness? Does it paint natives in a more authentic, or more virtuous light? Does it challenge conventions? Or is it just “something cool to show on-screen”?

This movie was intense, had some good performances, and seemed eye-poppingly handsome for a while. Now though? All I will remember is how disturbed I was by its violent nature.

Someone tell me why this film exists…


Here’s the weeks at hand…


T2 TRAINSPOTTING Who’d I loan my Iggy Pop records to?


Streaming/Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Never Seen
ANNIE GET YOUR GUN – TCM had a night dedicated to films that were originally nitrate prints and this one came up. One of these days I really need to drive down to Rochester for The Nitrate Picture Show.
HOW SWEET IT IS – One of the best opening sequences I’ve seen in a film. Should be cited as “This is how you edit”
A HOLOGRAM FOR THE KING – Even as an Eggers fan, I cannot understand why this movie exists.
SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON – One John Ford film down, about ninety-nine to go…
ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD – Feel free to read the rest of this entry in your best Werner Herzog voice.
ALL GOOD THINGS – Had I not seen THE JINX, I would have had a really tough time with this movie. As it stands it’s pretty weak.
BLITHE SPIRIT – What I wouldn’t give to see a nitrate print of this!!
CARLITO’S WAY Here comes the pain!
TENSION – Such a great introduction for me to TCM’s Noir Alley. More please!


Streaming/Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Seen Before
THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL I’m beginning to think that this is quickly taking the place as my favorite Wes film of all.
SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD Part of me wants to do a small feature on just how much Toronto has changed in the six years since this film dropped.
THE FRENCH CONNECTION The scene where they dismantle that car is one of my all-time favorite scenes.
HAIL, CAESAR! Would that it were so simple…
FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH It’s going to be hard to watch this film now and not feel mad amounts of jealousy that Catherine Stebbins got her mitts on the book and got to read it.
MULHOLLAND DRIVE A while ago, I believed I understood this film. Now I’m not so sure.


Boxscore for The Year
59 First-Timers, 31 Re-Watched
13 Screenings
90 Movies in Total

How’s about you – seen anything good?