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It’s been a while since I updated this feature on my space. Hell, it’s been a while since I updated my space!

The last six weeks or so were a stretch I was calling “May Madness”. It was dedicated to travel, friends, family, music, baseball, and so very much more. Suffice it to say, movie consumption and movie writing took a bit of a back seat.

In truth, I’m not that hung up on my habit taking a bit of a break; the films that have dotted the landscape over the last few weeks haven’t left much to be discussed beyond “How do these films get made” (mixed in with the occasional “That was cool, huh?”). What’s more, posts like this which used to be the sort of feature that everyone did on their site have felt a little repetitive in the age of Letterboxd.

However, as the warm weather finally arrives in Toronto, and as nourishment begins to get mixed-in with the fast food of our multiplexes, I find myself wanting to watch again…and wanting to speak.

I guess that’s my way of saying after six weeks of perspective, I’m ready to get back to my passion.

So look for this space to be updated with a higher degree of frequency, and take a skim over the selections that have carried me through the spring of seventeen.


Here’s the past two months at hand…



YOU’RE SOAKING IN IT – I hate to speak-ill of Hot Doc films, but this one really felt like it didn’t trust its own voice.
THE FORCE Anytime I see Peter Nicks has directed a documentary, I’m going
LIVING THE GAME You guys, I’m getting REALLY GOOD at Mario Kart. Can I compete?
REBELS ON POINTE I wanna see the Troc troop sometime soon.
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY vol. 2 – I could watch that credit sequence on a loop.
BRIMSTONE & GLORY One of the singularly most beautiful films I’ve seen this year.
CERTAIN WOMEN I was beginning to think this film had passed me by.
WONDER WOMAN I am truly happy to see the success this film has earned. Now time for more!
IT COMES AT NIGHT – More on this tomorrow.


Streaming/Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Never Seen
THE ELEPHANT MAN Why can’t Twin Peaks look like this?
PURPLE RAIN – When do I stop missing Prince?
FLAMES My final Hot Docs I cared for a great deal.
DAVE – This one’s underrated.
ALL THINGS MUST PASS – Wanna know what killed Tower Records? Hubris.
SHIELD FOR MURDER – I’ve been watching a lot of “Noir Alley” on TCM lately.
MISSISSIPPI GRIND – These. People. Are. Directing. CAPTAIN. MARVEL.
THE PROWLER – This noir wasn’t quite my beat.
HE WALKED BY NIGHT – High up the list of my favorite Noir Alley selections so far
THE CASTLE OF CAGLIOSTRO – Not really my brand of anime, but thanks Andrew.
WATERSHIP DOWN Those are some scary bunnies, guys.
OUT OF THE PAST – The world needs more Mitchum.
IN THE GOOD OL’ SUMMERTIME – I’m gonna start doing the “I Don’t Care” dance when I’m feeling down. I wonder if people will know what I’m referencing.


Streaming/Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Seen Before
DR. NO – All of the classic Bond’s just showed-up on demand, so a slow marathon has been in the works.
FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE –I could watch that gypsy catfight scene on repeat.
GOLDFINGER This is the only of the 007 books I’ve ever read. I’m feeling like I should remedy that.
DRIVE Inspired by a rewatch of that Every Frame a Painting video.
THUNDERBALL – Of all the Connery Bonds, I think this is my least favorite. Heresy, right?
YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE –That theme song…
CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER I didn’t know I was going to watch THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR a few days after when I tossed this on, but believe me – it made for a great week.
OUT OF SIGHT –I can’t believe it’s been almost twenty years.
THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR – How hot was Redford when he was young?
BATMAN BEGINS – The run-up to WONDER WOMAN had me revisiting the DC films.
THE DARK KNIGHT RISES This film is better than you remember.
YOUNG GUNS II – I swear I remember this movie being better


Boxscore for The Year
98 First-Timers, 51 Re-Watched
25 Screenings
149 Movies in Total

How’s about you – seen anything good?