I’m taking a little break this week gang. It’s been a long year and a long summer, so I think it’s high time I get out of dodge for a while. However as Celine Dion once said, “My Blog Will Go On”.

She did say that, didn’t she?

The plan, beginning tomorrow is to turn the mic over to several of my friends who have given me a series of guest posts that will be going up every morning clear until next weekend. All of them have given me some really great stuff, so first and foremost, I need to thank them all for being so gracious and accommodating. There is a theme to their pieces, and it’s a theme my blogging friends might want to get in on before the week is out…it stems from three words I say that tend to piss some people off:

Watch it Again.

In case you’re ill-versed with my affinity for this filmgoing mantra, I wrote a bit about it a while ago, so give a read if you dare.

So in spirit of my belief that our outlook on film can change in between viewings, I’ve asked my friends to think about moments when their take on a film changed in-between viewings.

At the end of the week, I’ll be getting in on the action myself…and if you’d like to write your own piece on a film that changed in your eyes after watching it again, email me a link and if I get enough of them, I’ll add them to the bottom of my post on Sunday.

Until then – time to hit the road…