So today (who am I kidding, tonight) we have a situation that I like to call “Great Film, Spotty Trailer”.

Back at TIFF, one of the¬†very best movies I saw was this comedy by Chris Rock. The fact that it arrived so late in the week probably helped its cause…since by that point I’d become a little weary of all the weighty fare I’d been consuming all week. However, regardless of timing, the way this movie balances cutting humour (and at times gloriously¬†nasty humour) with sly comment on celebrity is undeniable.

If you look closely, you might be able to pick up on both halves of that in the trailer. However, if you looked at this and thought that it was the sort of thing that should have gone straight to Netflix, you would be forgiven too, since it’s framed without much of the weight, and feels like something we’ve seen before.

Trust me – this film is worth seeing, even if the firm that cut this trailer together might make you believe otherwise…