Yesterday afternoon, I got into a spirited discussion on Twitter with my friend and one-time podcasting partner Simon Columb. The subject of our conversation was the new film HITCHCOCK – a film I have seen and enjoyed to an extent, and a film Simon isn’t anxious to see.

When I suggested that Simon should give it a spin, the man brought up an interesting point. He mentioned that he already had a pile of dvd’s sitting next to his TV that he was actively looking forward to watching…films that he had happily paid his hard-earned to own.

This reminded me of the fact that I didn’t pay a dime to see HITCHCOCK: all it cost me was 90+ minutes of my time. While I am confident in my assessment of the film, I’m suddenly somewhat curious if I was easier on it because the cost of admission wasn’t a factor.

In reading what people have watched, and listening to podcasts, I’ve often heard “It was nothing amazing, but if you are looking for something to put on during a grey Saturday afternoon, it’s alright”. Further, I’m left to wonder about you Netflix users. Since all you had to do was click a few buttons to indulge, are you more easily amused than if you’d made the trip to a shop…or even if you;d braved the crowds and hit a theatre?

What say you folks?

Does the context in which you saw a film add a “comfort factor”, and ultimately ease your acceptance of whatever you saw on-screen?