Last night, Warner unveiled their second trailer for this summer’s SUICIDE SQUAD.

Many remain dubious about the project for all sorts of reasons: DC is well behind Marvel in this whole “Comic Book Movie Thing”…Leto’s Joker doesn’t seem to measure-up to Ledger’s…David Ayer can’t direct…pick your poison.

While I admittedly come in biased as a “DC Guy”, there’s one thing I see in this trailer – at the very least, in the way it has been packaged for us – that I haven’t seen in WB’s DCU yet at all


That stolen beer sip, Harley cracking wise about the voices in her head, the shorthand about who these weirdo’s are (“…eats people…burns people…”)…right down to the way the trailer plays around with the timing of such an iconic song. This film might well still be a misfire, but at the very least we are being sold something less dour for once from the people who want us to watch Superman and Batman scowl and clobber each-other to the sounds of thundering drums of war.

Colour me encouraged, if not still cautious.