So there I was, like so many others on Sunday night watching the finale of Mad Men. However, for some reason I decided to break from my usual habit of tuning in late enough to skip through commercials, and instead watch the episode in real-time.

So, appropriately for Mad Men, this meant I was witness to all of the ads that came along with it…including this one that begins “From Director Danny Boyle and Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin”.

Congratulations, you have my attention.

When we got to the final payoff, I actually had to give my head a shake. I might have heard somewhere along the way that this project was happening, but if I did, I likely tried to forget it. Perhaps I feel like Steve Jobs’ story has already been told a time or three and I’m not interested in hearing it again. Or perhaps I feel like the man’s legacy is still being written, and telling his tale just four years after his passing isn’t going to make for much clarity.

But then I got this glimpse…and with it, was reminded of what I wrote about THE SOCIAL NETWORK just six weeks ago. How it seemed so dumb in concept, but was executed so damned well.

So now, you can colour me interested…in the story, the direction, the acting, and the way it all comes together. Maybe I’ll start watching the commercials more often.