You know that feeling of velocitization you get when you pull off the highway? You drive along at 25 MPH but it feels like you’re doing about 5 since you just dropped down from such a higher speed?

The first few days after a film festival are like that.

You’ve consumed so much material in such a short span – and if you’re writing about what you’ve soaked up, your life becomes this funny little loop of watch-write-watch-write-watch.

What I’m saying is, even with all of this Avengers nuttiness going on out there right now, it’s a bit of a challenge to get back into a normal rhythm after Hot Docs. That goes for every part of my weekly routine actually; what I watch, what I eat, what time I go to sleep. It’s a lot like having a week off work after pushing with all your might to get a big project done.

Luckily, there’s still TONS to look forward to in the months ahead, both in terms of the big pictures, and the small. Let’s begin with Mister Gyllenhaal, shall we? Do we think NIGHTCRAWLER was a fluke…or just the beginning of “Jake: Phase Two”?