The Magnificent Seven

Today marks the seventh birthday of this site and its predecessor.

It’s funny how times change as the years pass. Once upon a time I’d have a day like today circled in red marker on my calendar – this year I almost forgot it. Perhaps birthdays in cyberspace are like birthdays in life: after a while, you don’t make as big a deal of them as you did in years past. But don’t think I’m going all humble and celebrating by myself with a blu-ray, a couch, and a pint of ice cream.

Not a chance.

I’m pretty damned proud that I’ve been able to keep the piddling work I do going for as long as I have. Seven years online might as well be fifty in real time. Hell, when I started this space iPhones had only been on the market for two months, Android OS was still three months out, Facebook was just taking off outside of University campuses, and very few people Tweeted. Times. Have. Changed. Through all of those changes, I’m still beholden to the long-form of communication, so I’m nowhere close to folding-up this little tent of mine just yet. Heck, some of those changes have even made it easier for me to create the content that I do…and keep in touch with the kind people who come to consume it.

More than anything though, I have been able to write for you kind folks as long as I have because it continues to be fun. It continues to point me towards things I’d never have found on my own, teach me about life with all sorts of methods, and introduce me to people I never would have otherwise met. I love doing this, and the fact that even a few people have encouraged that love has allowed it to remain a joy. The moment it ceases to be a joy, I can promise you that I’ll find something else to do.

Happily, that day doesn’t seem to be arriving anytime soon.

For now I look forward to continuing to crank out new posts and new podcasts. I can’t say that there’s another seven years of it in me, but there’s definitely more to see and more to say.

I’ve grown a lot over the last seven years. I’ve learned so much from the people I’ve met and every positive and negative encounter that has resulted from this space has helped me grow into someone I’m proud to be. An interest in film is what’s allowed me to drift in and out of people’s orbit, but it’s given me a deeper interest in the world around me.

Much of this is thanks to my family, my friends, and so many who have visited this space even once. I’m truly lucky to have has so many supportive people around me, and even luckier that they endure this nerdy little passion of mine.

Thanks for a great seven years folks.