It’s been a nutty week around these parts as I make up for my few days off, thus the soapbox you know and love is playing a trick I pull once in a while called “The Two Trailer Week”.

In this case, the trailer actually leaves me deeply curious.

I was actually drawn into the clip by the name of the man who made it: Tarsem. For the uninitiated, Tarsem began the millennium with a wild amount of promise. He brought the checkered-yet-visually glorious films into the world by way of THE CELL and THE FALL. After that? Poof – gone! Aside from being a contributing artist to a sequence in the final act of THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON, Tarsem’s filmmaking was nowhere to be seen.

He finally returned a few years ago after nearly a decade on the sidelines with the safe-but-lavish MIRROR MIRROR.

So what of Tarsem?

Is he a shadow of his former self? Is he blackballed in some way for being unable to deliver a viable product? Or is he perhaps now carving a niche adding flourish to otherwise “safe” projects? For instance, as you watch this clip, you’ll likely feel as though you’ve seen something like it before…but perhaps he’s giving it the sort of bite that a storyteller like Duncan Jones brought to SOURCE CODE