There’s so damned much to look forward to in the three months that lay ahead of us. There are franchises that we get to revisit, a few auteurs adding to their canon, and some indie surprises that will likely pop-up on a lot of year-end lists.

For my money though, there are few more intriguing entities out there than THE REVENANT.

For starters, it’s the follow-up film by an Oscar-winning director, and those are almost often intriguing offerings (read: A SERIOUS MAN, SHUTTER ISLAND, 127 HOURS). What’s more, this is a film that has feverishly been trying to get itself completed and meet its release date. Filming got so behind schedule that it had to pack-up production and move to the southern edge of South America: the ground literally thawed beneath their feet.

So everyone is curious about what might be coming, but nobody has seen it. So perhaps it’s the next big thing…or perhaps it’s a wannabe prestige picture. For now, it’s just “one great unknown”.

How might this play out?