I know, I know…”another trailer”. However, with much of my focus turned squarely to the world of nonfiction films in the run-up to Hot Docs 2015, I feel like taking every opportunity I can to spread the word of what’s coming up next month.

This is the fifth Hot Docs I’ll be covering at The Matinee, and every year I’ve managed to pull a nifty little trick. The trick is that the first film I tend to reach for every spring tends to be a gem…and this spring was no exception. I won’t get into detail right here and right now, but suffice it to say that I’m still smiling.

When we’re young, there’s a joy that comes to some of us in making our creative mark. That creative mark can even be a direct lift from someone else’s creative mark – it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that one morning you wake up and realize you want to express yourself in some way.

RAIDERS! is a testament to that desire for expression…and a glimpse back into the past for movie nerds like us.