Finish listening to Reel Insight yet? Good, because here comes round two. It’s one last song before we bring the curtain down on this summertime concert…the final episode of The Film Locker Series One, with feature discussion on Roman Polanski.

Funny story – the Polanski episode was supposed to happen much earlier, but Simon and I kept pushing it to give us more and more time to dig into the man’s extensive filmography. From my perspective, I’m glad we did since I have gained a massive amount of respect and appreciation for the man’s work!

My personal thanks goes out to my partner-in-crime for this summertime caper, as I could never have envisioned things going as well as they did. The workload was shared perfectly, the compromises were easy, the watchlist gave me some amazing films to watch, and most of all Рthe whole project was a lot of fun.

Mr. Columb, you’re a gentleman and a scholar and I can’t wait to get back to work on Series Two.

Without further ado, here’s the Polanski conversation, with focus on his 1974 ¬†classic, CHINATOWN.