As I close in on the halfway mark of my #52FilmsByWomen, I find myself looking forward to something of an offshoot that it will spark; the theatrical experience.

If we take Hot Docs out of the equation, I have so far only seen one film in theatres with a woman at the helm in 2016. Part of that is on me, just because I didn’t have much interest in RATCHET & CLANK or KUNG FU PANDA 3. Part of that just comes down to exhibition patterns, since I would pay handsomely to see a showing of THE INVITATION if any theatre in Toronto cared to present it.

But there are plenty still to come, many of which may go down like soothing tonics during the greasy summer season we are just beginning.

One such selection, that I fear is being poorly sold, is the upcoming project from MONSOON WEDDING’s Mira Nair. Sure, the Disney logo at the beginning is enough to give one pause, but any excuse to watch David Oyelowo and Lupita Nyong’o light up the screen is one I’m willing to take.