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It’s getting me to shut up that’s the hard part…

I’ve seemingly been living behind a microphone for the last two years, dishing out movie lovin’ babble to any poor soul who dares to hit play.

The flagship is The Matineecast – a podcast born in fall of 2009 which has since spawned over fifty episodes, featuring forty-six different guests and ventured out to two different film festivals. New episodes are posted every other week, can be somewhat spoilerific, and tendsto run 60 to 70 minutes. The emphasis of the show is to learn more about my fellow movie lovers, discuss new releases, and geek out with a top five list or two.

In summer 2011, a new project was launched called The Film Locker. Co-Hosted by Simon Columb of Screen Insight, the goal was simple: Discuss classics, and offer counter-programming. We found that summer had increasingly become a wasteland of quality movies, thus we wanted to suggest titles easily found on dvd and blu-ray. Each episode features discussion on a different director’s body of work, with spoiler-heavy talk of one feature film. Series One has concluded after twelve episodes. Series Two is currently planned, but doesn’t have a precise timeline.

Feedback on either show is always welcome!

Both shows can be found for free in iTunes by clicking on the images below…

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Thanks for Listening!