Greetings from Upstate New York!

It’s my birthday today, and for once I’m eschewing my usual birthday tradition on this site. I’ll return to it next year, but I’ve been making birthday lists for fifteen years now…giving it a skip just once won’t kill me.

This year, I’m celebrating by hitting the road. The destination of choice this time: The City of Brotherly Love. That’s right, gang – I’m gonna eat me some cheese steak, watch The Phillies lose, and soak up everything The Workshop of The World has to offer.

But I’ve been enjoying getting this space back up and running, so I didn’t want to lose too much time to vacation. Then it occurred to me: there have been a lot of movies set in Philly over the years!

So allow me to send you fine folks a few postcards, just for kicks and content.

Thus, while I soak up some photographic history at Eastman House, and wonder if Birthday Cake is an acceptable breakfast choice, enjoy the most iconic Philly scene of all time…and get pumped for your Thursday.