Seriously, folks – I cannot remember the last time I did so much looking around in the hopes of finding something worthwhile to watch and talk about. While the spring of 2016 was quite rewarding thanks to films like SING STREET, EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!, THE LITTLE PRINCE, and THE NICE GUYS…this summer looks like it is really going to hurt.

I don’t blame the pain on the blockbusters – although, it really would be nice to get a blockbuster with half a brain. Instead I wonder what happened to the counter-programming. Where’s this summer’s BEFORE MIDNIGHT…or its OBVIOUS CHILD…or its TREE OF LIFE…or its CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA.

Perhaps it’s because of this dearth of options that I have my top dog from last year on the brain. Or perhaps because news of Oliver Assayas’ follow-up film to SILS MARIA getting booed at Cannes last month leaves me curious.

I’ve never been part of an audience that booed, jeered, or hissed at a lacklustre presentation. That seems to be an annual occurrence at Cannes, but by the sounds of it, that has more to say about the people who go to Cannes than it does the films that play there. How bad can it be if it went on to get a best director prize for Assayas? (a prize he shared with Cristian Mungiu).

My guess – this is a film that will leave me with something to think about and to talk about. For better or for worse, it will stand in stark contrast to the WARCRAFTS and X-MEN of the world an actual impression on those that dare to gather.

Now could we please get a few more options like it before September?