Seventh Seal
Tomorrow I’ll be posting this month’s Blind Spot entry – the tenth in the series. Today though, I’m casting an eye towards the fourth year of the series.

Once again, the great thing about being surrounded by such film-literate friends (and family members), is that they can point me in the right direction. Looking back on this year for instance, I might not have caught up with films like HAROLD AND MAUDE, SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS, VIGIL, THE TINGLER, MARY AND MAX, and YOU CAN COUNT ON ME were it not for the specific suggestion of others.

So in thinking about next year’s Blind Spot Selections (no quit in me yet!), I’m turning the curation over to anyone who reads this post.

Over on my Letterboxd profile, you’ll find fifty-plus titles that I haven’t seen. Choose the eleven you believe are most egregious and the top choices will make up next year’s list. For bonus points, if there’s a film that isn’t listed there that you know I haven’t seen (or think I haven’t seen), feel free to make note of it.

Edit – With two weeks or so to go, several front runners have emerged. So if you wanna save yourself a click, help me whittle this list down to twelve finalists:

24 Hour party peopls
Aguirre The Wrath of God
All That Jazz
Belle et La Bete
Breaking the Waves
Bullets Over Broadway
Crimes & Misdemeanors
The Elephant Man
La Haine
The Jerk
Midnight Run
My Neighbour Totoro (this one seems like a lock right now)
Night and Fog
Paris, Texas
Secrets and Lies
Sherlock Jr.
The Thin Blue Line
Vivre Sa Vie
Withnail & I


So have at it folks – what am I watching in 2015?