Around this time every year, The LAMB gets together and nominates some of its members for awards called The Lammy’s.

This week, the nominations were announced, and to say I was surprised would be putting things mildly.

The Matinee was nominated for:

Best Blog
Best Reviewer
Best Podcast
The Brainiac Award
Most Prolific Blogger
Best Blog Design
and Best Awards/Film Festival Coverage for TIFF 2011

Seven nominations in total, including the one I was hoping for the most; Best Blog Design. (Remember what this place used to look like?)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to anyone who nominated me and congratulations to all of my fellow nominees. As nice as it would be to win an award or two, the nominations are enough for me. Upping the ante this year has taken a lot of work, and moments like this make it so worthwhile.

Thanks gang – so. very. much.