If you want to do a before and after comparison, listen to my intro for this episode, then go back and listen to my intro for episode forty (a pre-TIFF episode). Pretty sure the weariness is audible.

No matter dear friends, as things are slowly but surely returning to normal around these parts…including the podcast two out of five dentists recommend.

Apologies in advance, as I seem to have figured out a setting for my mic that increases the podcast audio, but came with a small unforeseen side effect. Everything oughta be sorted out by the next episode. For now, please enjoy the company of a returning guest this week, one from the heart of Texas.

Here’s what’s in store in the Tom Seaver episode…

68 minutes, 18 seconds

Up for Discussion

1. Introduction
2. KNOW YOUR ENEMY – Q& A with this week’s guest Marc Ciafardini of Go,See,Talk (2:43 )
3. COME TALK TO ME – Fielding some listener feedback on movie stars they want to see on TV (12:45)
4. THE NEW SLANG – Review and reaction of MONEYBALL (23:52)
6. THE BEST OF YOU – Ryan and Marc talk all things Pitt and rhyme off the man’s top five scenes  (32:17)

Note: For the feedback question posed this week in Come Talk to Me, Marc has already posted a pretty thorough post on the subject.

Comments and feedback are welcome, and thank-you very much for listening.