It’s been another tough few weeks for your humble narrator. Sometimes I’m surprised anyone stops by here at all anymore!

What can I say folks – life happens. I still love film, and still love writing about film, but every now and then you realize that there and more important things, and the frivolities need to wait.

That said, there’s always time to stage a comeback – and in the spirit of that, there’s a new film by Steven Soderbergh to look forward to!! Like many of you, I thought I was saying goodbye to him four years back when he declared SIDE EFFECTS his final feature, and moved on to do a few projects with HBO. He said he wanted to do other things, and that the medium he’d dedicated so much time and energy to didn’t seem to suit his style anymore.

Preach, Father Steven.

But now here we are with a new film from the Oscar winner en route, just when we thought we’d never hear from him in a multiplex again.

Perhaps the man found a story that he just had to tell…or perhaps he just got an inkling to flex the old muscles. Regardless, we have new Soderbergh to look forward to this summer, and once again we are reminded to never say never.

Maybe there’s hope for me after all!