Things should start getting back to normal around here this week, though the days of certain features are going to be a bit off for reasons that will be clearer on Thursday. I do hope you’ll bear with me as I get back into my routine after my festival-going.

Speaking of my routine, I found myself scratching my head about part of it recently – the discussion of trailers. Last week, this trailer hit the web, and being the big Spielberg fan that I am, I immediately gave it a look. Within a day or two, discussion of the trailer came up amongst my fellow TIFF-goers.

…Question of “what the film was about”…whether “it was a good trailer”…comparing it to the trailer for Spielberg’s previous film, WAR HORSE.

It was around this time that I noticed a site that posts trailers the same way I do, actually ends the post with rating the trailer.

Am I the only one who sees this all as a little bit strange? We’re projecting opinion and critique on to an advertisement. More often than not, that advertisement isn’t even created by the creators of the film, so decisions on what to show and what to withhold, and even what tone to convey are made completely independent from the final product.

Making matters even weirder was the fact that I just watched 27 films in 11 days. Of those 27, I’d only seen the teaser for 1 (THE MASTER). Since watching the films, I’ve started to visit the trailers for them and marvelled at many things: namely, how much is given away and how different the films are from what’s being sold.

That leaves me wondering why we pay much attention to them at all – which I realize is mildly hypocritical on a day I’m posting a trailer. To that point, I’ll say this: Posting trailers weekly is only a placeholder, and the moment I can think of a better weekly feature, they’ll be the next thing to go.

I think that they are useful in giving the uninformed a taste of what to expect. But to completely pass judgement on a film based on a trailer (and certainly to rate said trailer) seems increasingly strange to me.

Feel free to chime in below, and enjoy this peek at LINCOLN.