What would happen in ALMOST FAMOUS if William Miller had a hard time fitting in on the road with Stillwater? Well it might play out a bit like MISTAKEN FOR STRANGERS.

The Matineecast goes nonfiction as I sit down with a truly unconventional and unforgettable director at the 20th annual Hot Docs Film Festival.

What’s even better is when the film’s director takes the time to sit down and talk about it with you…even if it does take five or ten minutes to find him at the agreed-upon meeting place.

Here’s what’s in store in part one…

36 minutes, 13 seconds

Up for Discussion

MISTAKEN FOR STRANGERS conversation with director Tom Berninger.

If you’re interested in seeing MISTAKEN FOR STRANGERS at Hot Docs, showtimes and ticket info can be found here. The film’s website with info about screenings is this-a-way.

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