When this highly anticipated trailer hit the web the other day, a conversation was sparked on twitter over who does and doesn’t watch trailers. I don’t know who started it, or how it got started, but somehow this clip became something of a flashpoint. As I breezed past many critics making their opinions known, and think-pieces getting published on the notion, I found that one tweet by my friend Corey Atad said it best:

Don’t get me wrong – there are times now and then when I’ll do my best to avoid details of something I’m wildly looking forward to. Likewise, I will admit that there are some out there who possibly pay too much attention to trailers. However, to ubiquitously declare “I don’t watch ’em” is like being a music fan and not wanting to hear a few bars of a song…or being a bookworm and not wanting to read a passage from a book.

One doesn’t have to seek them out, watch them frame-by-frame, and get ionto long discussions over them. By Corey’s right: To unilaterally declare “I don’t watch ’em” is flat-out dickish, smacks of condescension, and really needs to stop.

Now watch this trailer…