Norma Desmond said she still was big, and that it was theĀ pictures that got small. Maybe she was right…then again, maybe not.

There are a few bumps and bruises along the way in this episode, but I think it still works very well. Truthfully, this sort of four-person, two boys/two girls dynamic was what I wanted to trot out for every IBD episode. Here’s hoping I can do it more often! For this show, the four of us talked about the changing face of movie stars, and what it takes to be one and stay one nowadays.

My guests this week include a podcasting vet, and two rookies. The old hand is Corey Pierce from CriticalMassCast; the newbies are Danielle D’Ornellas and Titania Plant. The four of us got

To recap the concept of this offshoot – expect to see these episodes turning up once a month. My intention is for them to be a bit more raw (there are almost no cuts in this conversation), a bit shorter, with no rules, and less of a pecking order on who sits down at the table.