We’ve taken down all the decorations and thrown out all the leftovers. Tomorrow we’ll all be going back to work and back to school. The holidays are now entirely over and it is time for us to push forward.

As we do though, we find ourselves in this moment of reflection…wanting to do things a little differently. For many, such things are resolutions, but I don’t really subscribe to such things. To me, a resolution seems doomed to fail 99 times out of 100 since it is either unrealistic, or is less a goal and more a burden. Usually when I take on such changes, I do so very quietly, and approach them with great humility. It’s nice to have people on your side, but it’s easier to do something when you don’t have so many people asking you “how it’s going”

Still, it’s the time of year to make personal changes, and I’m all for that – small as my changes may be. So if I have my way in 2015, there are a few things I’d like to do.

Read More Reviews…

Something I started doing to get better might have started making me worse. When I started keeping this site, I started a practice of not reading what someone else wrote about a new release before I’d had a chance to write my own thoughts. My fear was that I’d find myself parroting someone else’s opinion – perhaps using similar phrasing. Likewise, I feared that I wouldn’t write a reaction to the film so much as I’d find myself reacting to someone else’s reaction.

However, somewhere along the way I began to omit other reviews entirely – before and after I wrote. This, I feel, does me a great disservice.

Besides getting a deeper understanding of a piece of art through other lines of critique, writing less than I read is also going to stunt me as a writer. So I want to make a point every week to read the published pieces of critics who inspire me. It might be a piece on a film that has been out for weeks, but I need to get reading back into my routine. I need to make up for that film education I never got, and I’ve been spending too many classes ignoring the lectures while I doodle in my notebook.

Lubitsch & Wilder…

You know that closet you’ve been meaning to organize? Or that trail you’ve always been in the neighbourhood of but never actually hiked? That’s me where Lubitsch and Wilder are concerned. Over the last few years, I’ve been trying to dig deeper into the work of Lubitsch and full-on complete the directed works of Wilder. Wilder’s canon is one that I’m freakishly close to being done (only six of his films are yet unseen). IF I decided to go on a bender, I could totally get that done by the end of the month. I think the biggest thing holding me back is the fact that I know that most of what I have left is “lesser Wilder”. Still, time to finish those final six chapters. Lubitsch is harder just because he has so damned many films. However, so far I’ve enjoyed every one of them a great deal, so I should really keep at it.

The subtitle for this resolution could be “finish what ya started”…something I do believe in at the right pace. There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with completing a particular set, and being able to look at it as a whole. Or in the case of Lubitsch, there’s something to be said for seeing where a certain outlet takes you, and where you choose to visit in a foreign city after you’ve hit the tourist traps.

Admittedly this resolution is less a change in direction than a continuation down a recent path…but it’s still a path I want to get to the end of soon.

No Binging…

Last week, I tackled the THREE COLOURS Trilogy for the first time. While I handily could have taken one day out of my Christmas break and watched all three films in one four-and-a-half-hour blitz, I instead split the consumption into a daily dose every morning for three mornings in a row. I recently went through something similar where the Serial podcast was concerned. Even though I came to it tremendously late (read; episode ten was posting when I jumped on-board), I restricted myself to two episodes per day. That even meant waiting one week to listen to episode eleven to listen to it in-tandem with episode twelve.

In both cases, the result was clear: staggering the material lead to a more enjoyable act of consumption. It gave ideas time to settle, made it feel more like interaction and less like gluttony, and turned what would be an afternoon of gorging into a week of reflection.

I want this to continue in earnest in 2015. Whether it’s a series of books, comics, television shows, podcasts, or films – I do not want to go on any sort of sustained bender. I know that we can – and in the case of shows created by Netflix, we’re even encouraged – but I feel like this is unhealthy and leads to lesser enjoyment. Therefore no binging. I need to put the ice cream carton away well before my spoon scrapes bottom.

What about you folks? Any movie-related habits you want to get into – or out of – in 2015?