Damndest thing.

Today I’ve got a trailer to a film that I am massively looking forward to. It was filmed by a director whose work I dig so damned much (as many of you do). It comes with a cast stacked with stellar character actors. It’s based on a fun pulp fiction novel that I just read and enjoyed the heck out of, However, if I didn’t know any of that and was going strictly by this trailer, I’d probably be sitting the film out.

I say that because when I watched this clip, I was so deeply thrown off by Richard Butler’s cover of “She”, that it cast a very curious light on the whole ad. It felt like something common, something slight, something far below what it very well might be.

This isn’t the first time David Fincher has gone radically off-book with his trailer music – think back to the choral version of Radiohead’s “Creep” that accompanied trailers for THE SOCIAL NETWORK.

I’m still eagerly anticipating this movie of course, but if it’s all the same to you, Ill b watching this trailer on ‘mute’ for a while.