After the better part of ten years hearing about the development of a new Ghostbusters film, it feels somewhat cathartic to be sitting here today getting a first real glimpse at a finished work. Much has been said, and much will continue to be said about what this film is and is not. You will hear griping over remakes, grousing by misogynists, perhaps even a snipe or two over whether or not this clip “seems funny”.

For me, none of that matters.

When I watch something like this, I hear those familiar notes, and see those iconic plot beats, I feel excitement and comfort.

I feel genuine happiness that this project came to be the way that it did, and that the news that was dangling for a while about a companion film starring a new batch of boys has been mothballed. I feel a mild relief that I don’t have to read another word about why Bill Murray is holding up production (though, I’d wager the internet will go nuts in July trying to track The Bill down and ask him what he thinks).

I feel a true envy for everybody who stopped watching Saturday Night Live “years ago when it stopped being funny”, since the comedy talents of Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are an unknown quantity to them. These folks have no idea what’s about to hit them.

Mostly, I look forward to October, when a lot of little girls will be running around as in jumpsuits and backpacks dressed as Ghostbusters for Halloween.

I look at this clip and I feel optimistic. At the end of the day, that’s all I want a trailer to do…this one especially.