Be honest: How many times have you watched this?

For me the answer is twice – once just after 10am when it dropped, and then again on a big screen that night before FOXCATCHER. I haven’t looked back since, and I don’t really intend to unless it comes up before a screening.

The reason for my distance is mostly because we have a long year ahead of us, with several more clips and trailers to come, and I don’t want to get too worked up or too critical over mere fragments.

That has been what has puzzled me the most over the last few days. Why anybody wants to shred it for any one detail, or why anyone wants to pee their pants and declare it the greatest thing ever. Given, this is a much-beloved property that will be under heavy scrutiny. But if we can’t walk away from 88 seconds without analyzing it frame-by-frame, what will happen when the finished product drops next Christmas?

Well, for better or for worse, here it is.

I will say this though, if you want to see just how night-and-day this teaser is in comparison to how the previous films were sold, look up the teaser for THE PHANTOM MENACE.