After rambling on so long about Marvel yesterday, I hope you fine folks won’t mind if I keep things short and sweet this evening.

Alex Garland is a writer who I hold a certain nostalgia for. It seems strange to say that, since the man has been writing screenplays for Hollywood for the better part of the last decade, and was a big part of a few films in the era that I deeply enjoy – namely 28 DAYS LATER, NEVER LET ME GO, and SUNSHINE. However, I miss being able to read his words in printed form, since I – like so many others of a certain age – came to him thanks to his novel “The Beach”. Few other novels followed, but nothing ever caught on the way that first title did.

Garland is now trying his hand at directing his own screenplays – and hopefully he has learned a thing or two from working with Danny Boyle and Mark Romanek. So if I can’t have a new book from him any time soon, I’ll at least have this twisted bit of sci-fi to look forward to.