The plan for tonight is to see a movie with my father and brother (BULLIT, in case you were curious).

Seeing movies with my mother, father, or both feels like something of an odd experience nowadays. For starters, when we’re young we go through a weird stretch where we go about distancing ourselves from our parents (“Mom…just stay over there…someone might see us…”). This makes us all act like assholes in general, but it seems to take on a particular pang of loserdom when it comes to going to the movies. Even though going to a film isn’t tremendously social – we’re sitting silently in the dark for two hours, right? – it’s some sort of unspoken convention that we don’t go to movies with our parents.

Where it gets weirder for me is the fact that my parents didn’t take me to the movies very often as a child. Specifically, I’d wager there were less than twenty occasions before my fourteenth birthday. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always have fond memories of being thrilled by BACKDRAFT with my mom sitting shotgun…but the memories I have are so few and far between. So while seeing a movie now with Lindsay, my younger brother, or even a few of my longtime friends seems second-nature, there’s always a feeling of the universe being out-of-joint when mom or dad are in the same cinema as I am.

So you’re walking around sometime near 8pm EST tonight and feel as though some cosmic rift is taking place, fear not…it’s just Shane, Dad and me watching Steve McQueen.


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…


After a few weeks’ hiatus, The Cinecast has returned. The lads talk briefly about THE DROP (which I still sorta wanna catch up with), and dig into Kurt’s comings and goings around The Festival. Sadly, I was too swamped to join in on the discussion this year – look for me to return in 2015.

Speaking of hiatus, The Matineecast has taken a few weeks off after TIFF – mostly because there were no films that dropped in September that I felt like talking about! However, on the last episode, Jessica brought up her love for THE SKELETON TWINS…and this week, as if to remind me, Prigge weighs in on it – though he doesn’t seem as fussed!

There are several Totonto-based movie enthusiasts who I still hope to run into one day  (seems like I discover a new one every month or two!). One such lass is Ruby, and today she’s got a review of THE EQUALIZER. Confession: I’m sort of a sucker for less-than-stellar Denzel, so you might see this one turn up in my Letterboxd feed before long.

One thing that always gives me a smile is witnessing that moment when a writer I dig takes their plain-jane blog template and throws a new coat of paint on the joint. This week it was Christian’s turn. Take a gander at the new-and-improved The Sound and the Screen, and try not to get too intimidated by the volume of Blind Spot posts that make up his newest entries.

I hate lists, but I love these posts by Withrow. the man gets bonus points for making me so interested in reading about a movie I so dislike!

Now that he’s back home, Max Covill has put a bow on his first experience at TIFF. Something tells me his first visit won’t be the last.

A classic that I watched for the first time this year that will definitely be sticking with me is Sidney Lumet’s THE PAWNBROKER. Amazing acting by Rod Steiger…Razor sharp direction by Sidney Lumet…really and truly time-well-spent. Norma caught up with it this week and put turned in this splendid review.


As for the Tweet of The Week, I turn you over to a swell classic blogger named Aurora…who quotes Truffaut…and nails it: