So…where were we?

It’s the strangest thing – every autumn, the arrival of TIFF throws my routine around these parts for about two weeks or so. However, with every passing year, it’s feeling more and more like it takes an entire month out of my life. Maybe it’s one of those things that comes with aging…the same way it takes longer to recover from injuries.

Or maybe I’m just being a big baby and should suck it up.

Whatever the reason. things should be getting back to normal around here over the next two weeks. I’ll have a full review coming up this weekend, a return to those Freeze Frame posts that most of y’all don’t read (you’re bitter!), the continuation of my American Critics’ series with Jandy, and even a Blind Spot in about ten days.

More than anything though, I’m looking forward to things quieting down a bit so that I can read and listen more. Every September, what seems to get thrown for the biggest loop is how many posts and podcasts I can soak up as they happen. More often than not, I spend most of late September playing catch-up.

So here we are: ready for the weekend and ready for the fall. But enough about me, how are you?


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…


Oh Happy Day – The Jamaicans watched UNDER THE SKIN. It’s not even my birthday!

Once in a while, someone writes something so fucking good it makes me wonder why I’m wasting my time. This month, it was Jandy’s turn. Read it and weep.

Oh wait, that’s right – two writers made me second-guess myself this month. Matthew Brown delivered the goods as well. Read it and weep.

I’m not entirely sure what roadmap I followed to get there, but this week I found myself at Stardust – a classic film blog written by a local lass named Vanessa Buttino. One post that caught my attention this week was one where she pondered which classic star we’d like to be friends with if we could. I already called dibs on Paul Newman – who would you pick?

The gang from French Toast Sunday have had a busy few weeks of roadtrippin’ – take a look at the recap, including the blow-by-blow account of their stop in my hometown.

Candice wonders aloud if some rom-coms would be better off as short films? In the case of the film she chose as the top image for her post, I vote a resounding “yes”.

Life, death, Sweden, and cynicism. It must be Jessica. In the afterglow of TIFF, I think it’s my new goal to get the lovely lass into Canada one September so she can join in on the festival goodness.

What is it about our own favorite films that keeps us riveted? Vance has some theories…


As for the Tweet of The Week, I’m reminded that really, it’s Huls’ world; we’re all just living here…