Thanks for the great discussion yesterday folks! I’m still in the midst of going through comments, so please take a peek back every now and then. It’s funny, every now and then when I think I’m mailing one in and bringing up a subject we’ve all discussed before, I find that it leads to something lively like that. Go figure.

By now, you might have figured out that when the link round-up posts on Thursday, it means there’s a review going up on Friday. The trick is going to be whether or not I can get that review posted in time, since I know what I felt in reaction to the film in question, but haven’t the foggiest clue how I’m going to articulate it.

Drop by tomorrow and see what sort of train wreck I’ve put my name to!

For now though, the workday calls, so dig through these offerings from my sisters and brothers-in-arms, and have a good one.


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…


The boys at Row Three are currently hip-deep in the Flyway Film Festival. Check out their series of pubcasts where they sit down with a string of different directors to talk shop.

Meanwhile, here at home the Toronto After Dark film festival is wrapping up. The gang over at Mind Reels have a mad amount of coverage for you to dig into. I suggest starting with this piece where Susie talks about how smitten she was with MY AMITYVILLE HORROR.

Not enough festival coverage? Head down to Flix Chatter where dear Ruth has been running around The Twin Cities Film Festival for most of October.

Cinematic Paradox, the outlet for the always charming and insightful Stevee Taylor turned three years old this week. Go wish her well.

Y’know, I was a huge fan of 2009’s PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, but I have never bit on any of the sequels. Fogs took a bullet for me and checked out the recently released fourth entry – and it would seem as though I can keep on skipping them.

During Matineecast 69, you might have heard Dan Heaton plug his upcoming series of watching some of cinema’s most horrendous flops. Well, where the last decade is concerned, it’s hard to get much floppier than GIGLI.

I’m really anxious to get a glimpse at that HBO film THE GIRL. Perhaps I’d be better served by finally scratching THE BIRDS off my List of Shame. As if to nudge me even further in that direction, Nick has written about the Hitchcock classic this week.

I don’t cover much TV around here, and seeing posts like this by The Droid really make me think long and hard about changing that.


I have my friend Corey to thank for the Tweet of The Week:

"Nazi Julie Andrews" would make a great B genre flick.
Corpsey Adead