It’s Thanksgiving Weekend up here in the Great White North, and as is usually the case around the holidays, business abounds. Making life even busier for this humble blogger is the fact that this weekend includes birthday celebrations for a certain Lady Hatter.

So there are feasts a-plenty to plan and attend, there are friends to catch up with, and there is – of course – a lot of family to be seen.

Might that leave any time at the end to watch a film or two, partake in some early-season hockey or postseason baseball, or catch up with some new television (namely Arrow and The Walking Dead)?

Time will tell.


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…


There’s a special episode of The Dew Over coming up that I’ll be plugging in the coming days, but in the meantime listen as the gang goes back to the magic that was 1986.

Usually my rule is not to link to the same writer on two posts in a row, but Withrow made good on a post he’d been promising for a few weeks. Take a look at 34 Things He Loves About THE GAME…then try to convince me that you, too, always loved that movie. (I won’t believe you)

Over at the once-again-redesigned Row Three, Marina is soaking up the Vancouver International Film Festival. One film I missed at TIFF that I greatly regretted missing was THE CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA. Marina throws bit of cold water on it, but still keeps my curiosity piqued.

One movie playing at the moment that I am most looking forward to is Xavier Dolan’s MOMMY. Over at Black Sheep, Matt Hoffman sat down with the Canadian wunderkind and turned in a pretty nifty interview.

Jess Rogers doesn’t write near enough in my opinion (admittedly, I’m biased), so when she does I feel compelled to link to her work. She’s over at The Axis this week turning in a review of THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU – a film she was a bit more fussed than I was over.

Ever noticed the way actors kiss in old movies and found it a little odd? Vanessa has too.

If you know me at all, you know that hearing about classics people don’t care for usually gets my dander up. I’m not sure if anybody’s noticed or not, but I’ve actually tried to be a lot better at just letting people like-what-they-like. Here, for instance, is a gathering of titles that Kristin at All Eyes doesn’t much care for, and I’m not even going to raise an eyebrow. Okay…maybe one eyebrow.


For the tweet of the Week, it’s fitting that the photo you see above was snapped in St. Louis, because it’s the home of John LaRue…

Enjoy – and Happy Thanksgiving, Canada.