I don’t understand people sometimes.

In my screening of SPECTRE last night, I had the misfortune of sitting next to a couple who decided to whisper through the whole damned movie. I mean, from the moment we swoop in over Mexico City to the moment Bond spoilerspoilers off with spoilerspoiler, it was a neverending stream of “What’s that girl’s name?” “Wouldn’t that kill him” “Where’d that guy come from” etc, etc, etc.

The whole. Damned. Movie.

When did we get so self-involved? When did talking about what’s happening in front of us take precedence over actually enjoying what is happening in front of us? When did we forget that when we take our seat as a member of an audience we are part of a greater whole, and as such letting go of our individual whimsies for a while?

I also don’t get why in the age of “Netflix and Chill” a couple would cough-up at least $50 for a night where they just want to talk through something they are clearly not enjoying.

If you’re reading this space, you are obviously not the sort who partakes in this sort of activity, so I apologize for the Saturday afternoon gripe. I just have to wonder why people continue to pay to be part of something they clearly have no interest in giving up their own selfishness to be part of.



For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…


The Unnamed Movie Podcast recently started a directors’ series where the lads introduce themselves to a new auteur and discuss their work over a few shorter episodes. The began with Tom Tykwer…which means I already highly anticipate the CLOUD ATLAS argument.

It’s Saturday, so why not soak up another podcast? The gang over at Blueprint have started a new show dedicating themselves to talking about books, TV, and film in its entirety without worry of pussyfooting around spoilers. The appropriately-named Spo!ler Podcast talks about SOME LIKE IT HOT this week.

Every year around this time, Marya Gates gets us all to spend more time with flat-footed gum shoes and femme fatales as part of Noirvember…it always makes this grey part of the calendar a lot more fun. It also beats growing a shitty mustache in the name of awareness.

Over at The Axis, Courtney Small wonders if we should be concerned about getting too much of a good thing.

My experience with THE LOBSTER has left me ill-equipped to form an opinion of the film, but the more I hear others talk about it, the more I want to give it a proper revisit. This week, it’s Katie Hogan’s turn to get me intrigued with her take on the Irish pseudo-fairy tale.

Another 2015 film that has stayed with me – after a much more pleasant first experience than THE LOBSTER – was VICTORIA from German filmmaker Sebastian Schipper. Alex Withrow recently caught up with the potential Best Foreign Film nominee and was likewise truly impressed.

Finally, I’m in the midst of pulling together my SPECTRE review, but in the meantime go drop by the soapbox of one of the biggest bond fans I know and see what Simon Columb has to say about Bond 24


As for The Tweet of The Week, as a person who recently celebrated 1K, I feel like I missed my chance to celebrate it as splendidly as this…