There’s nothing like an exciting World Series, a series of new toys to play with, an advance screening and a wedding in the family to throw one’s week for a loop. Heck, I didn’t even get to enjoy the extra hour of sleep last night thanks to my dumbass plan to get up early this morning to podcast with someone from the eastern hemisphere (results in the sidebar, if you can’t wait until morning.

Oh, and basketball season just started! That should help me hold focus on movies…right?

Happily there has also been a lot to read and listen to in amongst all of the running around, so allow me to shine a light and get my footing reset for the week to come.



For your listening and reading fulfilment, I give you…



Jamie Dew rallied the troops in the name of Halloween this week and talked about some of the scariest movies of all time. Great discussion to be heard, as always!

Over at Film Grimoire, Anna is on the road to New York City – and while she is, she’s taking a tour of the settings of several memorable films. So head over to her site and check out her visits to places like The Ghostbusters firehall, the bench from MANHATTAN, the Tenenbaum house and many more.

One of the indies playing the scene right now that I’m very much hoping to catch up with is FORCE MAJURE…y’know, once I’ve gotten my INTERSTELLAR and BIG HERO 6 fix. Francis McKay has seen it already and has great things to say about it over at The Axis.

Dan Heaton has become a little introspective this week, and examines what he wants out of his site going forward. Go wish him well!

There’s like to be a lot of discussion of Kubrick in the coming months around these parts since The Lightbox has brought in an exhibition based around his work and will be screening a lot of his films. In preparation for this, Black Sheep has culled together their five favorite Kubrick films. Discuss!

Candice Frederick asks a question I’ve asked several times through the last few years: “What the hell is up with Djimon Honsou?

Speaking of great questions – Fandango comes up with one I can honestly say I’ve never once considered: Is QUANTUM OF SOLACE the perfect 007 film?


For the Tweet of the week, LaRue slays me…as he often does…