So how’s everyone doing? All of my American friends enjoying their long weekend? Even though my friends and I have started doing a scaled-down version of the holiday ourself (complete with taking the day off work), I must admit that seeing what y’all get up to every November sure does make it seem like fun.

For me, it’s certainly felt like a whole week’s worth of kindred spirits coming together. Besides the food & fun had yesterday (complete with a trip to Lightbox to catch a screening of FARGO), there was a pub night this week that resulted in the usual merriment. Before that though, there was a gathering of talent for Matineecast 100 last weekend. The show is currently undergoing its usual spit-and-polish, and I’m really excited to share it with y’all on Monday. In my eyes, the episode is befitting of what I’ve tried to do behind my microphone through four years (and likewise, on this website for six). Hopefully, you’ll find it to be worth a listen.

It’s been two weeks since the last link round-up, so there were a lot of great entries to choose from this time out!

For your listening and reading fulfilment, I give you…
What do you do if there’s no new release to review for your podcast? Well if you’re the Row Three Cinecast, you improvise.

Looks like Nik will be participating in The Blind Spot Series come 2014…and judging by the list she has culled, she’s in for good things!

A writer and website proprietor who has grasped the concept of community like few others is Daniel Fogarty over at Fogs Movie Reviews. This week though, he has decided to close up shop to focus on bigger and brighter things. Stand up and raise a glass – the man will certainly be missed around these parts.

With American Thanksgiving happening this week, the gang over at Mezzanine (myself included) took a moment to pause and give thanks.

A TIFF selection of mine that is s-l-o-w-l-y making its way out into theatres is Paulo Sorrentino’s THE GREAT BEAUTY. I really was quite smitten with it back during festival time, and it looks like I wasn’t completely out of my mind: GST has given the film top marks.

Stevee Taylor put up a post recently about her 100 favorite films. That’s not all that original on its own, but she followed that with something very thoughtful and thorough. She expanded upon her list by clarifying her methodology, and even detailing how things had risen and fallen from her previously published 100.

The Void watched THE APARTMENT this week for the first time. He was suitably blown away.

With a few event movies dropping in recent weeks, I’ve found myself in audiences that are made up by…”a lower class of criminal”. Over at The Axis, Courtney took a moment to examine audience entitlement. All I can say in response is “Here Here!”
Finally, for a Tweet of The Week comes this, some priceless advice from Matt Singer: