Kubrick HardwareWas it just me, or was that STAR WARS teaser pretty badass?

So much on the go this week good folks, and much more to come over the week ahead.

So as I map out a feature review for y’all, a full podcast episode, and the first few posts on awards season, take a peek at what my brothers and sisters are up to.


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…


It feels like it’s been almost one month since The Cinecast dropped a proper episode into our laps…what with team-up episodes and various personal matters slowing the plow. The band is back together though, discussing HUNGER GAMES, WHIPLASH, and FORCE MAJEURE in amongst the usual tangents.

A day or so ago, I got into a conversation about what I learned about sex via film in my younger years (the short version of that conversation: boobs are nice). At The Mezzanine, Jake Pitre actually has a really well-written piece up that looks at the divide in on-screen nudity where gender is concerned.

If the cards are dealt “just-so” this weekend, I will be catching up with one more indie from the year that I want to see before the ball drops – BEYOND THE LIGHTS. Until then, I will just hold tight to Rich Watson’s review.

One of the very best films I have seen this year is the documentary CITIZENFOUR about Edward Snowden blowing the whistle on the NSA. I haven’t written about it yet, but Nick has.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, Vanessa has taken a moment to make a few wishes on what she – a classic film fan – would like to find under her tree in five weeks. That reminds me, can anybody recommend some good film books?

We lost a true legend last week with the passing of Mike Nichols. In tribute to the great director, Mr. Withrow takes a moment to look over his filmography.


For the Tweet of The Week, I’ve said it before…I’ll say it again: It’s Huls’ world, we all just live here…