Now…where were we?


Back before I spent ten straight days watching nothing but non fiction?

Back before I watched my favorite basketball team go on an incredible run, only to finish just short?

Back before I got to staring down the barrel of a big family wedding?


Seriously folks, I don’t know where the time has gone. It feels like just yesterday that I was talking about how much fun CAPTAIN AMERICA was, and now I look at the calendar and realize that it was a whole month ago! Time has a funny way of doing that every now and then, doesn’t it? Of just up and “vanishing” on you. One would think that eventually one would become accustomed to occasionally losing track of time…but for me it never ceases to amaze.

While I have your attention, I want to say thanks for sticking with me. I realize that Hot Docs isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that I spend ten days straight (which in internet years might as well be one month) talking about films many people haven’t seen. Every year, the second week of May feels like restarting my car after a long winter…so thanks for dropping by and giving me a boost. On with the show.


For your listening and reading fulfilment, I give you…


The BRAINGASM Kickstarter is in its final throes and could really use some more bills in the cookie jar. Please spread the word and give what you can before the campaign wraps tomorrow night.

The lads from Mamo packed up the car, kidnapped Ariel Fisher, and drove on down to Ebertfest last week. As is tradition, they sent back audio postcards of their experience – which seemed damned near heavenly from the sounds of it. The complete series of five shows can be found here. Tune in and give a listen.

I find myself anxious to return to UNDER THE SKIN after it served as my final selection for TIFF 2013. This week Catherine Stebbins got a chance to check it out, and reminded me of a lot of great things about the movie I may have originally overlooked.

Gotta admit folks – y’all have me very curious about BLUE RUIN. Withrow especially stoked my curiosity with his “A” rating of the film.

This week the Across the Universe Podcast turned one year old. To celebrate that, the show found itself a new home. Drop by and wish the women well!

Few things bring me as much joy as movie fans discovering GIRL WALK//ALL DAY for the first time. This week it was Anna’s turn.

With Mother’s day coming up this weekend, Candice took some time to reflect on films that her mother has ingrained into her through the years.

I’m always a fan of movie-loving couples collaborating on content. It just so happens that this week, Jandy and Jon are taking a crack at it with their He Said/She Said spin on THE FRIGHTENERS.

Over at The Axis, Jenny is longing for a little escape.


Then there’s the tweet of the week, this time coming from Douglas who vents a serious frustration on all our behalf…