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Hey there!

It’s been a while…well, y’know Hot Docs kept me on my toes, but it’s been about a week of being back to normal so I’m more or less recovered…oh that? my doctor said it was nothing…The Raptors? Don’t even mention them, I’ll be feeling that one until at least next November…

…but how are you?…did finals go alright?…Did that guy text you back?…Have you tried that new burger place yet? I hear it’s pretty good…Has the shift to gluten-free been hard on you?…what are you doing for your mom for Mother’s Day?…will you be watching PITCH PERFECT or MAD MAX next weekend?…any summer vacations planned?…want me to send you a postcard from San Francisco?…what does that tattoo mean?…am I being too nosy?…are you sure?…’cuz we’re friends, so if I am being too nosy, you know you can tell me, right?

Okay, well I need to catch a subway, so DM me later and we’ll go see that thing with those people.



For your listening and reading fulfilment, I give you…


One thing that excited me most about AGE OF ULTRON finally dropping is that it signaled the apex of one of my favorite podcasts: Super Zero. Since Alia and Matt had been building up their shows to culminate with this Phase Two event, it made this episode feel like that big event signaled the end of the school year and the start of summer (a concert, a dance, a sporting event…pick your pleasure). The episode is here and is a true joy to listen to.

With the gap between link round-ups, I feel like doubling down on podcasts. The Row Three Cinecast had a big week recently dropping four episodes in the span of seven days, all of which had Andrew and Kurt in the same room…which has only happened a scant few times in nearly 400 episodes. So go on over to the Cinecast feed and give a listen to episodes 390, 391, 392, and 393.

You know how certain shows, songs, and the like stick with you through the years? For me, it’s long been a Porky Pig short about his hunt for The Last Do-Do. Looks like Kristina caught up with it recently, and after reading her post I’ve spent much of the day trying to get the Do-Do’s call out of my head.

Elsewhere in the sphere of Classic Bloggers, Vanessa has some reading suggestions for fans of all things black & white. Perfectly timed too, since I’m pretty much at the bottom of my stack!

Mettel Ray hit the 700 posts plateau this week – and if you’re a blogger of any fashion you know how had a number that can be to hit. She celebrates the occasion by rounding up five of her favorites posts from those 700, so where links are concerned, you could consider this 5 for the price of 1!

Katie Hogan is comparing remakes again this week, with her attention squarely fixed on FAR FROM THE MADDENING CROWD. Might this be a worthy remake in the eyes of the Ethnically Confused One?

Over at The Mezzanine, I caught up with what might have been my most epic read of the week. Whether you love what Marvel’s doing or you hate it, there’s no denying that James Rocchi’s summation of where we are and how we got here is pretty damned epic.

I’m just weeks away from my next road trip – the one that will take me to California for the first time in my life. Seems as though travelling is on a lot of other people’s minds, particularly Rebecca who has some destinations in mind that she’d like to scratch off her bucket list…destinations inspired by movies, of course!

As the weather warms up, attention often turns to spring cleaning. Dan is taking things one step further and looking at this as a moment to de-clutter the media in his life.


As for the tweet of the Week, Sam has me hotly anticipating a book that should be coming to me from the library in the near future.