What seems weirder: The fact that this post is going up a day ahead of schedule, or the fact that I’m double-dipping today?

There is a reason why I’ve bumped the usual Friday feature up to Thursday, but that will make more sense tomorrow.

For now though, I thought I’d throw the spotlight on some of my fellow Lammy nominees. I don’t have too much to say about the sites that were nominated. They are badass to a tee and the fact that many others see them that way doesn’t surprise me. What does surprise me just a little bit is the fact that it feels like there’s been a bit of a sea change in the community as many of the usual suspects from the last few years have given way to new blood.

I find this encouraging, as it tells me that new people are taking to their keyboards and putting their thoughts out there…and likewise, I find it motivational…not to get complacent or comfortable in what I’m doing…because these bloggers are just waiting to gobble up my audience should I decide to start mailing it in.

For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…


If you want to know why so many people love Tank and Fogs’ Title Pending Podcast, listen to their latest episode. You’ll get your answer in a matter of seconds.

I took a pass on MEN IN BLACK 3, and if Nick’s review over at Anomalous Materials is correct then I chose wisely.

Meanwhile, Jessica had a rough go of things after watching the very heavy BULLHEAD.

Ruth took part in the Future Classic Movies blog-a-thon. I would certainly concur with her where MIDNIGHT IN PARIS is concerned.

Every time I think I’m the only person who likes BENJAMIN BUTTON, I find out I’m wrong. Take for instance Stevee’s thoughts on Cate Blanchett’s best moments within the film.

I got a smile after the (rather popular) new episode of The Matineecast. Seems as though John was starting to get disenchanted with the amount of graphic design he was pumping into the site until Joanna and I talked about how great it looked. A post that combines his visual flair and true cheek best is his glimpse of other movie characters hulking out.

Finally, for the Tweet of The Week, Duke reminds us all that if you write something and it’s read by even one person, you should consider it a win:

My advice to anybody who joins the @ or just writes on the Internet in general, is to be appreciative of every reader you have.
Sam Fragoso