There’s something about a long weekend that puts a spring in your step.

Perhaps it had to do with getting three glorious days to get out and soak up some fresh air. Perhaps it comes at the moment where you could really do with a day away from the office. Or perhaps, in the case of this particular long weekend, it’s just the unofficial kick-off to summer, and all the added activities that come with it.

Strangely enough, I have no concrete movie-going plans during this long weekend. That said, I wager it you check this space on Sunday I’ll have gone and seen


in the city (Hey locals – any suggestions?).

So as I try to clear off my desk at work and gear up for three days of fun, I turn the spotlight towards my contemporaries. And lemme tell ya gang, my contemporaries had a banner week!

For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…

The podcast this week is not strictly film-related. However, given that his discussion is inspired by a film (what’s more, inspired by my own discussion of such film), linking to it fits the format. Anthony Marco hosts the LoveHate Podcast – and was the inspiration behind this post. Here’s his thoughts on changing perspective.

Young Mr. Atad poses an interesting question: He wonders if documentaries are cheating. I think the answer to the question is “no”, but it’s a very well posed question for certain.

Jessica at The Velvet Cafe poses an equally interesting question: one related to rating the classics. I’ve never been one to rate a classic, because I believe if a film has endured as long as it has, then one more rating doesn’t mean a thing. What I do believe is in writing about the classics, individual perspective is key…and the only thing that can add to the pages of words written about the classic in question.

Speaking of classics, Tim takes a moment to discuss his favorite classic horror film – which just so happens to be the one that gives me the heebie jeebies.

If I learned one thing this week, it’s that everyone loves Andy Buckle (downloads of his appearance on The Matineecast were higher than its usual audience). Well after his audio debut, he wrote up a post that piques my interest, since it focuses on the visual element of fillmaking: Cinematography.

Meanwhile, Fogs has asked the question of preference: Home Theatre or Cinema? (I’m pretty sure everyone knows where I stand).

The Tweet of The Week gave me a great smile:

"I've heard that Battleship is excellent. Really good reviews."- my Dad. His sources are squirrels & old guys at the bar.
Rachel West