Halfyard's Camra

Life has almost returned to normal folks.

It has begun with me not sitting in a movie theatre every night for nine days running. It has continued with the films I have been watching being ones that centre on fictional stories. It will be completed when I manage to get a normal amount of sleep in one night.

I’m actually rather thankful today. You see, this was the fourth time I covered the Hot Docs festival as accredited press. The previous three times, I noticed a trend; specifically that my readership would slide a little. It’s easy to understand why, besides the fact that my readership isn’t completely made up of nonfiction fans, there’s also the fact that I’m writing about films so few have had a chance to see yet. Add it all up and you get a dip in traffic.

This year though, my readership held steady. My week of outspoken and outstanding documentaries kept my readership at its usual level, and for that I am very grateful. It’s never easy to cover a festival, but it makes it even harder if you think you’re just doing it for yourself.

Ironically, the dip came when the festival ended – so now I have to go about trying to gather my community back together as we wade through the blockbuster-infested waters of the summer months.

So turn on the bat-signal and get everyone back in their seats will you? The Matinee is ready to resume.

Thanks for sticking around…


For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…


Almost two months ago, when Nikhat joined me on Matineecast 80, I mused off-air that she should start a podcast of her own with some of the other international women I see her talking to so often on Twitter. Lo and behold, it has come to pass. Across the Universe is a new podcast featuring three hosts – Nik from India, Sofia from Portugal, and Mette from Germany. Take a listen to their first episode and be sure to keep an ear out as they venture forward.

There was another podcasting milestone to be celebrated this week: My man Andrew over at The Unnamed Movie Podcast posted his 15oth show. That’s just under three years by my count, which means he’s been doing it almost as long as me!

I don’t like to Krell Labs nearly as often as I should. This week, her work was especially hard to ignore as she eulogizes the passing of Harryhausen by detailing some beautiful personal history.

It’s well-known that I love music almost as much as I love movies, so it should come as no surprise that I love this new series Shala is launching where she compiles her own soundtracks for established films. To begin with, here’s her alternate soundtrack for Malick’s TO THE WONDER.

I’ve often wondered how one becomes a fan of horror films. The Droid has drawn us a roadmap.

It’s been a long time coming, but one more week and I finally get to see MUD (after STAR TREK, of course). Until then, Aiden’s review will have to tide me over.

Meanwhile, at The Audient, an interesting sequence of events prompted Vance to give GOODFELLAS a rewatch.


Finally, for the tweet of the week, The Reel Talker speaks truth to power:

many bloggers fail 2 realize that it's not only important to keep up w/what happens on their own blog. They should visit other blogs as well
Candice Frederick