Baseball 2013That’s the beautiful thing about having a day off…you can get outside and get some sunshine, go for lunch, watch a dvd, and still have time to get the day’s post written. This is what I call a very good Friday!

If you’ve looked at my Letterboxd watchlist lately, you’ll notice that I’m in a baseball frame of mind. This tends to happen at the end of every March, but it’s at a fever pitch this year since my favorite team looks to make some real noise. It’s difficult for me to explain my love for baseball sometimes, it’s a slow sport that does not lend itself to the ADD society we have turned into. It’s even harder as a Canadian considering the way the sport of hockey is king up here.

For me though, there is a joy and romanticism that comes from baseball…joy and romanticism I can only find in film. Make sense?

For your listening and reading fulfillment, I give you…
The Mamo boys have returned after a month away, and in a neat twist, they hadn’t missed covering all that much. In the hands of lesser podcasters, this would pose a challenge – but these guys are pros.

Also at Row Three, The Cinecast has been humming along rather well under their two-shows-a-week format, something they take a moment and discuss during episode 302.

Back to baseball for a moment, leave it to The Droid to come with a great graphic hinging films and the grand old game.

Quentin Tarantino turned 50 this week, and besides being one of the most influential directors of the last 25 years, he is also on with some of the most feverish fans. On the occasion of QT’s 50th, Mettel Ray looks at what makes Quentin so special.

In just two hours, I’m headed to see a film I’ve heard a lot about since last autumn: GINGER AND ROSA. Most recently the film was mentioned during my appearance on Outside the Envelope, so it just makes sense that I point y’all towards Rick’s post on the film for Dear Film.

Films and Coke is a new site I’ve begun following written by a girl named Elena out of Estonia. She’s done well to keep her space running for a month already, and as she offers a word or two on her favorite films, here’s hoping it’s the first of many months to come.

Fogs is returning to the well of romantic comedies and wants some help in choosing his watchlist.

For the tweet of the week, I think James McNally sums it up best…

I love that, for one evening a month, I get to chat with 20+ fun film people and very little, if any, of it ends up on Twitter! :)
James McNally