It’s the start of another nutty weekend around these parts, but one that proves to bring with it a whole lot of fun. Before I go on though, thanks to everyone who read and linked to my podcast reflection post earlier this week. many of you were quite complimentary in your comments, though I assure you that fishing for compliments was not the reason I posted it.

In addition, I must say that it’s been a cool few weeks around the blogosphere where I’ve come across a lot of intelligent and passionate voices I hadn’t noticed before. So if you’re one of those – nice to meet you and keep up the good work. If you aren’t one of those, stay tuned – I’ll be linking to them often I’m sure.

This weekend though, my anime syllabus will continue – only this marks the start of me seeing a few of the films on the list in a theatrical setting. First up is CASTLE IN THE SKY. Once that’s done there’s a podcast to record and another one to post, not to mention all of the usual day-to-day that does not involve me staying close to my couch (unlike last Saturday).

For your reading and listening fulfillment, I give you…

The CriticalMassCast has been going all MaMo-like and recording on the fly. During one such postcard of an episoide, they discuss a pair of comedies currently in theatres: GOON and WANDERLUST.

I thought about seeing JOHN CARTER this weekend, but thanks to reviews like Sam’s, I think I’ll save my hard-earned.

After all the linkage she has given my site in the last two weeks, I’d be remiss if I didn’t link to Velvet once more before her episode drops down in the feed. earlier this week, she partook in a bit of nationalism, listing off her favorite Swedish films.

As people continue to catch up with 2011 films as they make their way to dvd and blu-ray, certain connections will become a bit more wide-spread. Take Kristin for example, and her examination of the common themes in THE ARTIST, MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, and HUGO.

With my attention constantly distracted by the eternal hopes that come with Spring Training, Nick has an idea for a film based on a certain baseball tradition.

The Droid has gone back to the year I was born to watch one of the very best concert docs of all time – THE LAST WALTZ. He doesn’t know it yet, but he has led quite nicely into the next episode of The Matineecast.

Finally, for the Tweet of the Week, there’s GMan who hits the nail on the head:

it always puts a smile on my face whenever I search for something and my site is in the first page of google results #bloggerthing
Andrew Robinson